Wuxing America

Ack! Ghouls!

Went to Victor’s apartment and asked to speak with him. He said he’d meet us, then drove off. Chased him down, set his tire afire, and shot him with gel rounds when he ran.

Offered him his life and liberty if he gave us info and left Seattle. He gave us some basic info on Bob (an organlegger from Aztlan) and his base of operations (a warehouse in Puyallup), guarded by human guards with assault rifles at the doors, watcher spirits above, and ghouls below.

Called Charlie & Luke and got support from them before heading in.

Killed the ghouls downstairs except one, which ran upstairs to warn the leggers, who have begun to pile into vehicles with some hostages. Hastings is waiting outside the garage door in her car. Lightbulb took L stun from casting a barrier, and has a gnome guarding the sewer exit against ghouls and other dual-natured creatures.



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