Wuxing America

OK, we have a plan.

The plan is:

“Grandfather” G (played by Cinderblock via spell) makes arrangements from Japan, booking a flight, a hotel, and a guard, and renting a restaurant for a night. He flies over, signs in to the hotel, and meets his guard (the Furball). He’s upset that they gave him a “sub-human” guard, but she’s all they had available who spoke Japanese. He sends his “son” a message to meet and to bring his family – he wants to see his great grandchildren.

At the restaurant, Lightbulb will be acting as caterer/organizer, and Seraph will handle serving and entertainment duties. We’ll have some kitchen staff cooking, and an extra guard (sub-contracted) just to keep things “secure”. L will be there early to summon a spirit and rest up afterwards. G will arrive a little early to make sure things are up to spec. We expect the family’s guards (probably 1-3) to do a sweep just before the event.

Once things get rolling, G will hand out talismans to the family (Japanese good luck charms). G will invite S out to entertain. She’ll drop a smoke bomb while L gets the spirit to conceal those with charms (including us). G and F will deal with the guards (the father’s guard is top priority), while L and S escort the family downstairs to the parking garage.

L will drive off in the catering van at high speed, hoping to draw off any rigger waiting outside. S will then put the family in a separate unmarked van and drive them in the other direction to the nearest Wuxing territory.



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