Jin Wu Yu (Dancing Rain) "Hastings"

Greasemonkey on wheels


10 Elf
6 Attributes
83 Active Skills
30 Resources 1,000,000 Nuyen
Total: 135 Points

Karma 2/60
Karma Pool 4

5 Body 7 Quickness 4 Strength
3 Pistols
5 Stealth
6 Charisma 6 Intelligence 5 Willpower
2/4 Etiquette/Corporate 5 Gunnery
3 Computer
3 Electronics
4 Electronics B/R
2 Bike B/R
3 Car B/R
6 Reaction 2.84 Essence 6 + 1d6 Initiative
4 Bike 10+d6 vehicle
5 Car
2 Motorboat
4 Rotor Aircraft
Knowledge Language
3 Safehouse Locations 4 English
3 Triad Society 3 Chinese
4 Electrical Engineering 1 Cantonese
2 Philosophy 1 Malay
3 Corporate Politics
2 Corporate Procedures
3 Megacorp Politics
3 Bike
3 Car
2 Combat Biking
2 Tea


Datajack (A)
Smartlink II (A)
Vehicle Control Rig Level 2 (A)
Microscopic Vision (A)
Orientation System (A)
BattleTac IVIS (A)


Ares Predator III HPist
Defiance Super Shock Tasr

Equipment & Gear

Concealable Holster
Tres Chic Clothing
Secure Long Coat (10/4/2)
Real Leather Jacket (-/0/2)
Real Leather Pants (-/0/2)
Earplug Cell Phone
Vehicle Kit
Electronic Toolkit
Vehicle Shop

Rigger Gear

Remote Control Deck (rating 2)
Rigger Protocol Emulation (1)
Rigger Decryption Module (1)
R-C ECCM (rating 1)
R-C Encryption Module (1)


Yamaha Rapier (racing bike); rigger adaptation
Land Rover 2046 (SUV van); remote control, datajack port, rigger adaptation, concealed armor (6), smartlink-II, internal firmpoints x 2, sensors (2), electric shock system, 2x Ingram Valiant (Smart 2), Drone Rack, intercom system
Jackrabbit-M (subcompact car); datajack port, rigger adaptation, intercom system, remote-control interface (2), sensors (2), nitrous oxide injectors (2)
Moonlight Aerospace Avenger (fixed wing ultralight); rigger adaptation, Smartlink-II, 2x Ingram Valiant (Smart 2)


Renraku Arachnoid (walker)
GM Nissan Doberman (crawler); Ingram Valiant (smart 2), remote micro-turret
MCT-Nissan RD (rotary); laser microphone
IWS DLK MK 6 – armed (crawler)
P&W Sundowner Aerial (fixed wing UAV)
Lone Star Strato (rotary wing UAV)
Generic surveillance (vectored-thrust UAV)
Shiawase Kanmushi (crawler)
Yamaha Rapier (bike); gyroscopic stabilization, remote control interface



1.67 m tall, 62 kg with black hair and brown eyes.
Strong Singaporean accent when speaking English

Born and raised in Singapore as the elven daughter of wealthy human parents. She has always had an interest in the mechanical and the electrical, taking things apart and putting them back together, not always for the better. To direct her tinkering energies, her parents encouraged her to study hard, and make herself productive by becoming an engineer. Mr. and Mrs. Jin were pleased that she succeeded, but were not to happy with her life choices, especially when they discovered she had installed cyberware and was racing vehicles through the crowded streets.

Wu Yu had been working in the Singapore Wuxing office as a junior engineer, while running courier jobs on the side with her future husband Joel Tan, a human street samurai from Hong Kong. They drew the attention of Wuxing corporate higher-ups with several successful courier runs through various cities in Asia, and were offered positions in Hong Kong to work as corporate shadowrunners. Unfortunately, during their second run as corporate shadowrunners, Joel was killed. Now widowed, Wu Yu requested a transfer out of the city.

Wu Yu seeks escape from her grief by focusing on her work – driving. She finds that Seattle is a perfect challenge of terrain, metahumanity, and climate for her rigging skills. Her focus, however, makes her seem distant as she appears to be obsessed with her vehicles. Given time and new connections, she may spend less time working on her cars and bikes.

Jin Wu Yu (Dancing Rain) "Hastings"

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