Megan "Frizz-Kid" "Lightbulb" Halston

Young rebellious wujen


30 Full mage (25 Spell Points); Wujen
60 Attributes
40 Skills
0 Human
5 Resources 20000Y
Total: 135 points

Karma: 40/55
Karma pool: 6
10 initiation #2 (astral quest, masking)
5 karma pool cost

4 Body 5 Quickness 3 Strength
4 Athletics 2 Pistols
4 Stealth
2 Unarmed
6 Charisma 6 Intelligence 6 Willpower
4 Etiquette 4 Aura Reading
6 Knowledge: Street Art
5/7 Knowledge: Seattle (Street Culture)
4 Knowledge: Geomancy
4 Knowledge: Fashion
2 Knowledge: History
2 Knowledge: Geography
6 Knowledge: Hidden places
5 Language: English
4 Language: Cantonese
6 Conjuring
6 Sorcery
6 Centering: Street Art
6 Essence 1 Initiate Grade 7 Magic Rating
6 Spell Pool (I+W+M)/3
5 Reaction 5 + 1D6 Initiative Astral Initiative
2 Bike
F Spell Type Target Duration Range Drain
1 Fashion P 6 P T F/2 +1 L
1 Fast M 4(V) P T F/2 -2 M
1 Ice Sheet P 4 I LOS F/2 +1 S
1 Ignite P 4(T) P LOS F/2 +1 D
1 Makeover P 6(V) P LOS F/2 +1 M
1 Nutrition P 4(V) P T F/2 +1 M
6 Physical Barrier P 6 S LOS F/2 +2 S
1 Initiate Grade
Group membership (Wuxing corp group)
Initiation grade 1 (group, oath, centering)
Grade 2 (group, astral quest, masking)

20000Y Equipment
10555 Bike, cash, sundries?
5000 Art studio (Tools: Shop)
2500 Micro-camcorder (3×3×1.5cm 2kg 8P-U)
850 Secure Jacket (C9 5/3 3kg)
525 Browning Ultra-Power (C6 A10 SA 9M 2.25kg 6P-E)
520 Climbing gear
50 Handset Cellphone
+ 1000Y certified credstick (for expenses)



1.67m tall

Young woman, raised traditionally but likes to push the limits a bit. She considers herself a Graffiti Artist, and no flat surface is sacred. She’s a bit of a dabbler magically, but has had no particular reason to focus her energies – with the exception of a physical barrier spell for her own protection. Megan’s squeamish about hurting others and looks to find peaceful or quiet solutions to problems.

Megan’s mother (Sandra Tai) is a corpmage for Wuxing, as the local manager of geomancy operations. Her father (Timothy Halston) works for Wuxing as a data analyst.

Megan grew up with and is still best friends with Evangeline “Jelly” Hong

Megan "Frizz-Kid" "Lightbulb" Halston

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