Wuxing America

3 out of 4 ain't bad

The plan worked, and the PCs gained control of the helicopter, the 2 suits and their briefcases. Sure, Seraph almost died but that wasn’t Lightbulb’s fault. In fact, a timely conjuration was the only reason the chopper didn’t come crashing down…

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What's wrong with plan X?

Shiawase’s nuclear power plant in the Barrens flickered off and on in the span of about a minute. They claim it was due to an attack by Gaia (which is in the Pacific Prosperity Group along with Wuxing), and will be presenting evidence to that effect to the Corp Court.

We’ve been asked to find out what that evidence is.

A major Shiawase investigator flew in to Seattle the day before the failure, and is expected to pick up the job.

The characters have decided to lie in wait for the investigator’s transport (helicopter just outside the plant) and hijack it. A Force 8 Kuen of the City has been summoned and a service used to Conceal the party (another service remains unclaimed).

Hastings (19) and Seraph (15) have successfully hidden in ambush, and the chopper has now landed…

That's just nasty

Found Dr Jekyll, but he wasn’t very nice.

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Poor Ted-who-became-Joe-today

Cleared the warehouse, rescued what victims we could
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Ack! Ghouls!

Went to Victor’s apartment and asked to speak with him. He said he’d meet us, then drove off. Chased him down, set his tire afire, and shot him with gel rounds when he ran.

Offered him his life and liberty if he gave us info and left Seattle. He gave us some basic info on Bob (an organlegger from Aztlan) and his base of operations (a warehouse in Puyallup), guarded by human guards with assault rifles at the doors, watcher spirits above, and ghouls below.

Called Charlie & Luke and got support from them before heading in.

Killed the ghouls downstairs except one, which ran upstairs to warn the leggers, who have begun to pile into vehicles with some hostages. Hastings is waiting outside the garage door in her car. Lightbulb took L stun from casting a barrier, and has a gnome guarding the sewer exit against ghouls and other dual-natured creatures.

Keeping Bad Company

Jelly’s boyfriend Ted has gone missing, last seen in the company of Victor Hernandez, known associate of organleggers.

PCs were also introduced to Luke & Sven, and passed along the message that Aztech was looking for Luke.

Pacific Pirates

The PCs prevent a shipment of optical chips from reaching Seattle.

Haul: 2 Yamaha Rapiers
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The Missing Fixer

The PCs locate a missing fixer and the datadump she was supposed to sell Wuxing.

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