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  • Fu Peng

    An eccentric and mysterious old man, very little is known about Fu Peng. No known assets or estate beyond his shares in Wuxing Inc., and rarely seen in public. Has owned those shares for a long time, and is reputedly close with the Wu family. …

  • Runming Sun

    The CEO of Wuxing North America is a portly gentleman in his mid-fifties who doesn't seem to take any of his responsibilities very seriously. His office "meetings" generally take place in bars, night clubs or restaurants and seem to consist of nothing …

  • Xiao Pang-xi

    The head of the Department of Special Projects, a former shadowrunning combat decker, he's now made the move into management.

  • Jenny Burton

    The assistant to Xiao, also a former 'runner who worked with Xiao. According to rumour, her relationship with her boss isn't just professional.

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