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  • Wujen summary

    h3. Summoning Wujen summon spirits like shamen, but only the following types: h4. Gnomes (Shen of the Ground) |_.B|_.Q|_.S|_.C|_.W|_.I|_.E|_.R| |F+4|(F-2)x2|F+4|F|F|F|F/A|F-2| *Init*: F+8+1D6, Astral F+20+1D6 *Attacks*: (Str)S, +1 Reach * …

  • Megan "Frizz-Kid" "Lightbulb" Halston

    1.67m tall Young woman, raised traditionally but likes to push the limits a bit. She considers herself a Graffiti Artist, and no flat surface is sacred. She's a bit of a dabbler magically, but has had no particular reason to focus her energies - with …

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