Wuxing Policies

Resource Classifications

Core Resources

A core resource is one or more of:

  1. a resource in the critical path of a high priority project;
  2. a critical enterprise service (financials, personnel, logistics);
  3. major Wuxing infrastructure (capital value in excess of 100MY)

Threat Response Classification Levels (TRCL)

Class 1

A Class 1 threat is an imminent and critical threat to a Core Resource.
Response: Employees are expected to employ any and all available resources to counter the threat.

Class 2

A Class 2 threat is a likely threat to a core resource or an imminent threat to lesser resources (with a capital value at least 10MY).
Response: Employees are expected to deploy any resources for which they have been trained (up to and including Military-grade gear), but to confine their activities to Wuxing territory. If force must be extended outside Wuxing territory, treat the threat as Class 3.

Class 3

A Class 3 threat is any threat to significant Wuxing resources (capital value at least 1MY).
Response: Employees are to restrict their deployments to Security-grade gear only. Employees are further expected to minimize collateral damage outside approved engagement zones.

Class 4

A Class 4 threat is speculative.
Response: Employees are to restrict deployments to approved items for which they possess permits. Employees are expected to minimize collateral damage.

Wuxing Policies

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