House rules


The system we’ll be using is Shadowrun 3.

Character Creation

Point Buy (135 points), no Edges & Flaws

Item Cost Notes
+1 Attribute 2 Maximum of 6 before racial modifiers
+1 Skill 1 Double cost for each level exceeding the associated attribute
Human 0
Dwarf 5
Ork 5
Elf 10
Troll 10
Meta +5
Ghoul +10
Otaku +30
Shapeshifter +25
Full mage 30 Provides 25 spell points
Aspected mage 25 Provides 35 spell points
Adept 25
500 Y -5
5,000 Y 0
20,000 Y 5
90,000 Y 10
200,000 Y 15
400,000 Y 20
650,000 Y 25
1,000,000 Y 30
  1. Characters with Magic may use spell points to initiate (equivalent to costs in Karma).
  2. Characters may buy gear with Availability > 8, but Wuxing restricts the usage of such equipment (emergencies, explicit permission, or on Wuxing extranational land).
  3. For each corporate NPC the player details (with a minimum of name, general job description, goals, defining features), they’ll get one free contact for their character.


  1. Characters with Magic may belong to one of Wuxing’s many Initiatory groups. All such groups have group strictures of Oath and Limited Membership (employees only).
  2. Employees of the Department of Special Projects are paid a High Lifestyle.


  1. Extra lifestyles (cover IDs, safehouses, extra storage) are sometimes useful
  2. All characters should have some Stealth skill (or enough Quickness to substitute)
  3. All characters should have some Etiquette (Corp) skill

House rules

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